Galeria Qahili opens the call for creative people who have interesting exhibition ideas and other artistic projects. Curators, artists, writers, and creative individuals, regardless of experience level, background, or location can apply. We are very open to all types of work and different ways of utilizing our space. We accept artists working in any medium and any stage in their career as long as the work they propose for Galeria Qahili pushes their practice in new directions. Collectives and artist collaborations are encouraged to apply. 

You can apply for

  • Solo and group exhibitions
  • Emerging artists – Senior BA students of the Academy of Arts or related, and MA students of the related field
  • Community engagement with the public through an activity (i.e. conversation, collaboration, performance)

How to apply

  1. Submissions must be sent through the form. We require an exhibition proposal summary (500 words max) of the show you hope to bring to our space. Please include the name of activity, names of the artists’ in the proposal summary, whether solo or group exhibition or even community engaged activities. 
  2. Attach the CV of the main people involved in the project – Curator, manager and/or artist/s. 
  3. For exhibitions – Include up to 10 images. Images should be max 2 MB.
    For community engaged activities –  especially performance, collaboration, please include moodboard. 
  4. Your JPEGs data files must be labeled: EXHIBITION TITLE_NAME .jpg.. Please include a description of each image you include with your proposal, dimensions and medium.
    This does not apply for community engaged activities.
  5. No changes of images can be made after you submit. Your submission does not guarantee inclusion into a show. The decision to accept entries into a show is based solely on the Gallery.

Things to include

  • Proposal summary
  • Biography CV 
  • Up to 10 images grouped in a PDF or Word doc file – please include dimensions, medium, and a short description
  • If you are applying as a student, please provide proof of enrollment 


29 November 2019

Further information

If your questions aren’t answered below, please check our FAQ page.

How does the selection work?


Projects are selected by the jury. Part of the jury are artists, curators as well as team of GQ. Projects are judged by the strength of the exhibition idea and the organizer’s ability to communicate it, not by social connections, past accomplishments, or personality.


Jurors have three weeks to decide after the submission deadline. We announce the winners in mid December 2019. 

Regarding the budget

Applications can be submitted in 3 categories depending on the project: 

  • Category 1 – For exhibitions, solo or group shows 
  • Category 2 – Students – Senior BA Students, Master Students
  • Category 3 – Community engagement activities 

Please contact us for the detailed pricing. 


If your submission is accepted, the curator/artist or manager is responsible for the shipping to/from the space for all work in the show. 

Installation of the artwork will take place the week prior to the exhibition. There will be a coordinator onsite during installation.

Once the activity is finished, the artworks or other equipment need to be collected within 7 days, otherwise they will be part of Galeria Qahili. 


Damage to artwork or framing is not the responsibility or liability of the gallery. We care about your artwork but cannot accept liability.

Gallery commission

Galeria Qahili retains the right to represent an artist in a sale of the artwork that was accepted and exhibited for the duration of the exhibition.

The gallery takes a 30% commission on all sales made or promised during the exhibition.

Accepted entries are represented by Galeria Qahili for the duration of the exhibition, and artworks will be promoted on our website and other social media.


Artist maintains copyright.

Application form

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