Galeria Qahili is one of the first private art galleries, established in May of 2013. It is a gallery dedicated to celebrating the creative process as well as increasing cultural and social capital within different social groups. Galeria Qahili organizes a broad range of artistic activities such as exhibitions, workshops, short-term residencies, artist talks and the educational program. It aims at being an inclusive place where diversity plays a significant role; a place where the promotion of cooperation between artists and institutions is present; it combines the emerging scene with the established, and national with international art.


Galeria Qahili shares a broad range of artists as part of its collection.


Galeria Qahili exists to create, preserve and promote art; to educate and engage the public through the visual arts. Its mission thrives for artistic freedom and elevation of the unique relationship between the production and consumption of art.

This mission will be achieved through four strategic values:

To develop an understanding and appreciation of art, by apprehending its complex role within society and perceive its reflection of the changing world critically and creatively.

To contribute to the development of the art world in Kosovo, by using art as a tool for presentation.

To present visually inspiring and thoughtful exhibitions that are supported by diverse social groups, that make a significant as well as a distinctive contribution to the field by gaining the respect and attention of local, national and international audiences.

To provide and run a welcoming space for interdisciplinary thinking and research where ideas and practices can be explored and tested in one hand; and a vibrant place that inspires creativity, education and fun through arts and culture on the other.


Galeria Qahili has been established by Qahili family, with the initiation of the artist, Eshref Qahili. Thus, on 6 May 2013, one of the first private art galleries opened in the capital city of Kosovo, in Prishtina.

The whole construction of the building is dedicated to art. Until now, Galeria Qahili has organized numerous exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and mini-residencies. Galeria Qahili, through these activities, promoted not only local artists but also international ones and helped in the further development of intercultural communication.

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