Do I have to be a “curator” to submit a proposal? Can there be more than one organizer listed on the proposal?

Anyone from anywhere is encouraged to enter and no prior curatorial experience is necessary. Curatorial teams are eligible and encouraged to submit. All participating organizers must be listed by name on the project summary. 


What should be included in my proposal?

Proposals must be submitted in English or Albanian and cannot exceed the 500-word limit. Please include the biography-CV of people involved in the project. Please include names of artists that will be in the group exhibition, or solo. 


How big is this gallery and what are its dimensions?

Please refer to our gallery floor plan here.


Can I include myself as an artist?

Yes. Including yourself as one of the artists in the exhibition is allowed, but all artists must receive equal representation and it cannot be an artist project.


What types of art are accepted?

We are open to showing most types of work including immersive installation, two-dimensional work including photography, paintings, drawings, digital, mixed media, pastels, wax, graphite, printmaking, sculpture etc. Video art is accepted but the artist may need to supply their own monitors depending on their exhibition needs. 


What is the budget and what does it cover?

There is a budget. It depends on which of the three categories you are applying. Please contact us for more detailed information. 

Can I submit more than one proposal as an organizer or curator? Can I submit supplementary materials?

No. No.


Can I make changes to my proposal after submitting?

No changes cannot be made after submitting your proposal.


Who will review the proposals?

The proposals are reviewed by the jury – artists, curator and board of Galeria Qahili. 


When will the results be announced? When will the selected exhibitions be on view?

The selected projects are announced in mid December and mid June each year. The original proposals will be posted on the GQ website Exhibition dates will be determined in collaboration with applicants. 


Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Send questions to info@galeriaqahili.com. We will respond within 48 hours.

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