The Beekeeper – Kamer Gjikokaj

May 31, 2020/Press Release/0 Comments

The Beekeeper Kamer Gjikokaj Personal Exhibition Artistic activities at Galeria Qahili start   We invite you to the opening reception of the personal exhibition "Beekeeper" by Kamer Gjikokaj, on 5 June 2020, starting from 15:00 to 21:00 o’clock.   Along with this exhibition, we also mark the beginning of artistic…

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Aura of 7 years: 7 years of art, creativity and new friendships

May 13, 2020/Article/0 Comments

Aura of 7 years 7 years of art, creativity and new friendships  Galeria Qahili celebrates its opening For 7 years now Galeria Qahili served as a space of ideas, creativity, art, and a place where people are gathered to celebrate the creative process, to mark artistic freedom, and to celebrate…

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Quarantine in Colours

May 2, 2020/Uncategorized/0 Comments

Quarantine in Colours Quarantine in Colours is a virtual album-exhibition created to promote the artistic creations of all those who have decided to spend time during isolation by sending various artistic works. Furthermore, the project Quarantine in Colours aims to raise awareness on the advantages of art therapy which helps…

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Databaza.art: Launch

February 8, 2020/Past/0 Comments

Databaza.art: Lansimi Galeria Qahili launches the first digital database of Kosovo artists on the 7 February 2020. Databaza.art is a digital platform that aims to promote Kosovar art and culture by offering access to a historical art database. Databaza.art tends to be a transparent art institute by providing researchable, unique,…

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