Without Borders II


Pa Kufi II

Without Borders II

10.09.2015 – 13.09.2015

Art Colony / Residency “Without Borders” (Pa Kufi), in 2015 was organized the second edition. In this edition participating artists were from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia.

The second edition of Art Colony / Art Residency “Without Borders” was held from September 10 through September 13, 2015.  It was a gathering of 24 artist, (Bardha Buza, Burhan Ahmeti, Buron Kaceli, Mina Krasniqi, Eshref Qahili, Mentor Avdyli, Mentor Berisha, Mumin Jashari, Musa Kalaveshi, Sabedin Etemi, Shpetim Mehmeti, Veli Blakcori, Xhevdet Dula.)

The aim of this activity was to promote the cultural art of Albanians, to strengthen the relationship between Kosovo and countries of the region, and to engage people of this area into the daily life of the artists.

The Art Colony / Residency was supported by National Council of Albanians, Ministry of Diaspora, Municipality of Prishtina, Majanca Shpk, Meritaterm and Hotel Rozafa.

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