Quarantine in Colours is a virtual album-exhibition created to promote the artistic creations of all those who have decided to spend time during isolation by sending various artistic works. Furthermore, the project Quarantine in Colours aims to raise awareness on the advantages of art therapy which helps human beings on the emotional and psychological aspect, especially during the quarantine days.

All those who are interested in becoming part of the project “Quarantine in Colours”, send your work to: info@galeriaqahili.com

Galeria Qahili’s Quarantine in Colours will be ongoing through 01.06.2020

  1. Nagip Taipi – Mosaic – “The portrait of our late actress Leze Qena. I worked on this during quarantine, because at the time she left this world, it seemed to me that she left quietly without being given the respect she deserved. ”
  2. Betim Lajqi – Oil in canvas – Perspective
  3. Diart Islami – Digital artwork
  4. Arbesa Vishi – Drawing – “This is the work and photography of my nephew made in quarantine time where I wanted to make a work that inspires me and I do it with a lot of love.”
  5. Blerta Zabërgja – Digital artwork – “Mother Nature” – “Nature itself. I have decided to present it in the form of a woman to raise awareness of women, as the most oppressed gender, but even more so to raise awareness of nature, which we are destroying more and more every day. “
  6. Elmedina Salihu – “We sometimes forget to give flowers as we do not perceive it as it would be different from what once was. Refusal of acceptance in some way, out of fear makes us not think about what we or those we love may be gone in a split of a second. We run most of the time with the thought of achieving things and have a way of thinking but just when we stop running, we see things clearly, just when life hits our feet, we see that what we want and the truth it is exactly where we are. Maybe we’ll see this later, maybe we were far away from those we love in those days, maybe we were angry, maybe it will be me and it will be you or someone who will get a virus that appeared on December 10 in China and now in the whole globe taking the lives of hundreds of people. Unable to create something bigger, with this mini graphic I want to commemorate the 22 victims of this virus in Kosovo and I want this graphic to mark the end, for there not to be another victim. In this state we cannot give flowers to our loved ones, in this way I want to express solidarity and send the message: give as many flowers as possible.”
  7. Fjollë Ramadani – Acrylic on canvas – “Forbidden Nature” – “The curtain tells that we are forbidden to do walks in nature, a stop that for once is for our own good.”


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