90s kids


90s Kids

Group Exhibition

06.04.2017 – 28.04.2017

Photographer: Patrik Domi

Galeria Qahili organized its first activity for 2017 with the collective artistic feast “nineties kids”.  The opening reception of this feast was held on April 6, 2017, and was followed with performance music and collective exhibition. This exhibition was on view from April 6 through April 26, 2017.

In this feast, works of 6 young artists will be presented.

Engjëll Berisha Jr., Era Buza, Jetë Dobranja, Meddy Huduti, Nita Qahili and Yll Xhaferi through their works told things related to the 90s period, the period they grew up. The atmosphere created from the works was followed up by the musical sounds of Blerta Kosova.

The concept

“90 Kids!

Yes, Engjëlli, Era, Jeta, Meddy, Ylli and me (Nita), are kids from the 90s.
We are the kids who took journeys through this period.
Journeys that carry within smiles and excitement, silence and sorrow.
Sometimes they take you back in time
to the garden of memories.
On one side the cassette player is on and you could hear different sounds coming out of it –
Our favorite tape is playing,
While on the other side we hear the sighs and noises of that period.
There are times we recall our strange
and weird conversations carrying awkwardness.
We opened the box one can find anything!

Through our works
We are going back to that period,
We are sharing a moment
We are sharing our game
We are telling our secrets through details,
colors and other elements that we use.
We are sharing an emotion,
We are remembering the games we played as kids
The unwritten rules that jog our memory
We are remembering the challenges that helped us grow up!
And mainly we are finding and recalling the path that educated us,
but mostly the details that made us believe in.
This exhibition tells a tale,
A reflection on memories,
A performance,
A history; experiences and perspectives of a certain period,
A bright and gloomy period
Attention dedicated to the 90s,
It’s our story,
Our reality!”

“90s kids” is supported by MIQT Pub, Gagi Print, DSG Holding and LaraLara.

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