Nehat Beqiri


Nehat Beqiri

3.04.2014 – 31.04.2014

The exhibition of Nehat Beqiri was called “D”. The letter D stands for desert, as his works were inspired by sweets and desserts, as well as by the so famous game Candy Crush.

The opening reception of “D” exhibition was held on April 3 through April 31 2014.

These works were lively, as contained lots of colours and contrast. These works were Acrylic on canvas. However, besides having only paintings he had also one art installation called Bakllava, which was created with newspaper and Styrofoam.

Nehat Beqiri is an artist and professor at University of Tetovo, who is born on 1967 in Tetovo, Macedonia. He graduated from University of Prishtina, Faculty of fine Arts, department of painting. He had many personal and collective exhibition around the world as Macedonia, Kosovo, France, America, Austria, Turkey and many more.

The exhibition was supported by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

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