In the Studio

GoGo Club

This workshop offers various activities. These activities encourage learners to understand, create and enjoy modern and contemporary art. Four different themes, one theme per season, will help young adults and adults to escape from their routine, hence explore their own creativity with the guidance and advice of professional artists. 

Theme 1: Art and Ideas
Theme 2: Art and Society
Theme 3: Behind the Scenes
Theme 4: Social transformation

For some themes, the collection will be a point of departure. This offers the development of artistic techniques and leads to a different level of appreciation and understanding of art and its creation.

Multidisciplinary Art

GoGo Club

It offers the perfect space and creates a unique ambience to explore the creativity with guidance and advice of professional artists.

It offers the unique opportunity to find the perfect art technique as well as style. Possible Techniques per month: Acrylic, Oil, Mixed, Aquarel, Collage, Installation,

Draw What You See

GoGo Club

Get insights regarding the history of drawing, and continue to its fundamental elements. This course offers the full spectrum of drawing instructions, starting from figure drawing and sketching to comics and anime. If you are a beginner you can start from the basics of drawing; or continue to the advanced level, where you can perfection your drawing skills.

Just Paint

GoGo Club

It explores the full range of painting: with gouache paints, using brushes, palette knives or rollers on various materials. Spontaneous, improvisation, Everything is possible.

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