The Beekeeper

Kamer Gjikokaj

Personal Exhibition

Artistic activities at Galeria Qahili start


We invite you to the opening reception of the personal exhibition “Beekeeper” by Kamer Gjikokaj, on 5 June 2020, starting from 15:00 to 21:00 o’clock.


Along with this exhibition, we also mark the beginning of artistic activities after the pandemic period.


Exhibition concept


“Passions and dreams are hidden in the human body and mind. Those who discover them become the happiest people in the world. Being surrounded by bees for decades teaches you about the tireless work of bees. Kamer Gjikokaj, the beekeeper also learned this. From a man who never touched a brush or paints with his hands, he quickly discovered his love for painting. His world changed from a gift he received. If it is the resurrection of a famous painter, he does not know either, but one thing is for sure, the beekeeper became a painter. Kamer the beekeeper became Kamer the painter who did not stop since, and with his exhibition for 60 days, with 60 paintings he will send us on a journey full of flowers and colours. “-Milot Hasimja


The curators of the exhibition are Milot Hasimja and Musa Kalaveshi.


The “Beekeeper” exhibition will be on view through 15 June 2020.

* All of those who are interested to be part of the opening reception need to take the necessary measures (masks, gloves, observance of the distance of 1.5m) for personal protection.

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